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Friday, March 20, 2009

Eight Things You Didn’t See on 24

The following, available exclusively here at The Norman Nation, is a list of eight scenes that were filmed but, for a variety of reasons, never aired on the hit television show 24.

  1. Jack spends 15 minutes on the phone with Geiko in an attempt to save a ton of money on his car insurance. When the attempt fails due to his criminal record and history of accidents, he tells the customer service agent that she is a traitor and a terrorist.

  2. For seven uninterrupted minutes, Jack quietly enjoys a foot-long sandwich from Subway.

  3. Jack makes a run to Starbucks for his friends at CTU. When the barista tells him that they’re out of grande-sized cups, he throws a creamer through the window and screams: “Do you have any idea what I’m capable of?!”

  4. En route to investigating possible tampering at the nuclear power plant, Jack swings by his house to let his dog out. When Buster fails to do a #2 in a timely fashion, Jack puts the dog in a headlock and leaves it unconscious in the yard.

  5. Jack is shocked to discover that late President David Palmer played professional baseball for the Cleveland Indians in the late 80s under the name Pedro Cerrano.

  6. Jack announces to everyone at CTU that he has “his own personal bomb to diffuse, if you know what I mean,” and then retires to the restroom with an Us Weekly. The camera focuses on the closed stall door for nine minutes.

  7. While driving by a billboard that reads, Smoking Kills 120 People a Day in America, Jack laughs and says, “Daddy knocked that out before 2 p.m.” He then gives Tony Almeida a high-five.

  8. While speeding the wrong way down Constitution Avenue, Jack pulls over to update his status on Facebook. He writes: Jack Bauer is hoping to prevent mass casualties . . . AGAIN. LOL.


  1. Matt, that's quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever read. LOVE #5...."hats for bats....keep bats warm." (Yeah, I can quote that ENTIRE movie.)

  2. Bravo...I personally got a giggle from number 6. Can't figure out why they wouldn't air that.

    Thoughts from Jane Laughlin