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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Now You Can E-mail the Awesome

People are always saying to me, “Matt Norman, I’m far too shy to make general comments on your individual blogs. Is there any way to contact you directly so I can tell you how awesome you are?” My response is always the same: “Mom, are you drinking again? Seriously, how’d you get this number?”

My mom makes a pretty good point though. For too long now I’ve been sitting up here in my hyper-intellectual ivory tower of exotic cars, immeasurable wealth and critically acclaimed blog-fame. If I’m going to continue this run of unprecedented, story-book success, I need to “keep it real” and “rub elbows” with the common people—people like you, my nearly 65 followers around the world.

And so that’s why The Norman Nation is pleased to announce our all-new e-mail address: thenormannation@gmail.com. Think of it as a portal, a really sexy portal, leading directly to me, Matt Norman, 24 hours a day.

Do you have a long, adjective-laced compliment about the blog? Are you a powerful world leader in need of advice on matters of national security? Is there a topic you’d like me to blog about? Are you a lawyer looking to sue me for the many, many photographs I’ve posted with complete disregard for copyright law? Then just use the e-mail address. It’s that simple—and it’s free.

Why? 110%, that’s why.

And, if you send us a particularly interesting or sexy e-mail, you might find me actually blogging about it right here on The Norman Nation. Just think about that for a moment. Finally, after all these years, your life would have meaning.

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