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Monday, August 24, 2009

I’m Not Sure What Twitter is Exactly, But This is Funny

In the complicated world of humor, there’s an age old formula, similar to the theory of relativity, with which one simply cannot argue. Old People + Swearing = Funny.

When I swear, which I do all the motherf*cking time and with great zeal, it’s only moderately funny. It’s a little funnier, perhaps, if I’ve just recently been hit in the crotch with a woofle ball bat by a toddler, but, either way, there’s nothing particularly revolutionary happening. However, when a senior citizen hikes up his or her pleated, polyester trousers and lets it rip. . . well, comedically speaking, that’s something truly special.

My friend Ryan recently sent me something from Twitter called ShitMyDadSays that leverages the aforementioned formula with great results. I’m only vaguely sure what Twitter is. I believe it’s what the kids do while taking whippit hits. But the point is simple: some dude named Justin has begun documenting, word for word, the random crap that his 73-year-old father says and posting it on the Internet so people like us can laugh while taking breaks from working or looking at online pornography.

I think it’s important to note that The Norman Nation currently has 89 followers. Justin and his angry dad have 22,899. Now I’m depressed. And, as always, a little drunk.

Oh, and if the links above don't work for you, visit http://twitter.com/shitmydadsays.

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  1. THIS.IS.AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing and hey, now at least you know what to drink while lamenting your low scores- apparently Jim Beam is piss- good to know... I think they might use that in their next ad campaign.

    Matt, your following number might be lower than this old man right now but your blog is awesome and far more eloquent. As far as words are concerned, you have WAY more than him. :-)