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Monday, November 16, 2009

Is This Funny?

The other day, my friend Ryan told me a joke. Well, he wrote it, actually, over e-mail. This is how jokes are told in the year 2009: virtually, from one cubical to another.

I immediately loved the joke. It was simple, perfectly clean, and absolutely absurd. I’m happy to announce that it is officially among my favorite jokes of all time. It dawns on me now, though, days later, that it might be one of those jokes that only people like Ryan and me enjoy.

I’ve developed a scene in my head. My friend Ryan is at a dinner party. He’s drinking a martini and wearing a sport jacket and talking to a bunch of good-looking people he hardly knows. He delivers his joke and then smiles, only to be met with bland stares and soul-crushing silence. “Security,” says the host, and Ryan is whisked away and beaten mercilessly by goons.

A side note here: Many of the scenes I develop in my head end with my friend Ryan being pummeled by goons. One in particular takes place in a karaoke bar in Virginia that plays only country music. Ryan is wearing a purple cowboy hat and twirling a lasso. But I digress.

The simple fact that you are reading this blog instead of doing something even a little bit constructive is proof that you are among an ultra-select group of awesome people who have their fingers placed firmly on the pulse of modern-day humor. And so I turn it over to you, my nearly 97 followers around the world. Is this joke funny?

A cow climbs up a pine tree. A squirrel in the pine tree says, “What are you doing up here?” And the cow says, “Oh, I thought I’d climb up here and eat some apples.” The squirrel says, “Apples? But this is a pine tree.” And the cow says, “That’s okay, I brought my own apples.”

Please comment with your opinion. Funny or not funny? If you say "not funny," I invite you to share a joke that you like better.

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  1. it made me giggle..

  2. I like the part where we pummel Ryan.
    - some goons

  3. That was an excellent joke. Here is one of mine...

    A physicist is waiting in line to use the restroom. He is fidgeting and dancing about randomly. His friend notices him and asked him if he is feeling okay.
    "I'm fine," he replies. "I've got a brownie in motion."

    I thought of the punchline first. I'm still working on the set-up.

  4. good joke. Now, what's this with your fantasies and a lasso and Ryan?

  5. I love you. And not in an icky kind of way.

  6. Funny for sure! Thanks for the entertainment, Norman :) Very helpful as we await the birth of our little guy who is apparently not at all eager to enter the harsh Nebraska winter.