We're All Damaged

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Story of the Honey Badger

If you’re a frequent reader of The Norman Nation, you know that my staff of needy, illiterate underlings and I set the intellectual bar pretty high over here.  And that’s why I wanted to share this link that my friend Michelle sent me today.

It’s a very short nature documentary about the Honey Badger, narrated by a man named Randall, who, in my opinion, should now be legally obligated to narrate all nature documentaries.  If you’re reading this at work, might I recommend switching to earphones?

My reaction to this video was truly unique.  At first, I was like, “What the f*ck is this?”  And then I was sort of smiling.  And then I was laughing.  And then I was a replaying it like ten times.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go call my lawyer and have him write into my will that this video be played on a large screen at my funeral. 



  1. Honey badger doesn't give a f%^k.

  2. I absolutely love Russell's version of the honey badger!