We're All Damaged

Monday, September 12, 2011

Talky Talky

Last week I appeared—or, I guess, I virtually appeared—on Book Club Girl on Air, which is a cool online radio show in which authors call in and are interviewed about their books and answer questions from listeners from around the country.

A few minutes before show time, I was pacing around my office, a little twitchy from a Diet Dr Pepper bing.  I could kind of hear my daughter chattering downstairs, and there was a good bit of thunder somewhere in the distance.  It dawned on me then that I’d never really talked publically about the book in any significant way. 

I knew the story inside and out, of course.  I’d written and rewritten just about every page a dozen or so times, but as the hold music played in my ear, I found myself wondering what the book…means? And then I wondered if it means anything.  And then the music stopped and I heard a voice in my ear:  “Hi, everyone, this is Erica Barmash for Book Club Girl on Air…” 

The show had begun.  Perhaps I should have thought of these things earlier.

It turns out, of course, that my neurosis, like most of my neurosis, was unnecessary. As Erica asked me things—and later as listeners asked me other things—it became clear, at least to me, that I kind of knew what I was talking about.  And after listening to the show again after the fact, a few other things became clear, too. My voice sounds weirder in real life than it does in my head. I need to work on not saying “um” and “sort of” so much. And, when push comes to shove, I guess I really do hate cats. 

You can listen to the entire show uninterrupted now by clicking this link.  I hope you find it interesting. And to all the cat people out there, I’m sorry.  I don’t really think cats are like tiny, meaner Woody Allens.  I have no idea where that came from.



  1. Here's the thing. I am a serious cat person. Though, I'll get over it...As it turns out, I absolutely love your book. I don't even enjoy dogs and Hank was able to pull on my heart strings. My tiny, meaner version of Woody Allen and I wish you the best of luck. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, MLR. I appreciate it. I dedicate the cat in my new book to you. You'll love him...he's horrible.

  3. I just finished your book (literally not 10 minutes ago) and absolutely loved it. I'll be telling all my friends about it tomorrow.
    Look forward to reading your blog (putting the url in the About the Author section was a great move), listening to this interview and finding out about your next book. Thank you for writing!

  4. Thanks, Olga. Glad you liked the book. And thanks for spreading the word.