We're All Damaged

Monday, June 24, 2013

Is Sexy Back?

Hello, Friends and Readers. Apologies on my recent radio silence. I took a break from working on my new novel the other day to write an essay for my friends at The Weeklings about my experience with the new Justin Timberlake album, The 20/20 Experience. Click here to check it out.

In other news...
  1. The new novel is coming along very well. I'm tentatively calling it "We're All Damaged," which comes from a line of dialogue between two of the main characters. But, keep in mind, before "Domestic Violets" was called "Domestic Violets," it was called "I'm Always In Love" and then "What It's Like To Be Me."  So, who the hell knows, right?
  2. Along with the book, I'm also half-heartedly writing an essay about how much I hate taking my children to the pool. So far there's a lot of swearing.
  3. I just finished reading the novel "The Middlesteins" by Jami Attenberg, and I really enjoyed it.  Family Sagas are my literary weakness. My non-literary weakness: Jack Daniels. But, you know what, we'll save that for another blog post.
  4. I think it's pretty cool that it looks like Justin Timberlake is actually reading my blog post in this image, and, frankly, he's kind of annoyed with me. Don't give me that sassy look, JT.


  1. 1. Doesn't matter as much as the greatness within those pages.
    2. I would love to read this. It would have to go hand in hand with my essay about government veteran's hospitals and their archaic phone systems.
    3. Couldn't get into the Middlesteins..it was so, so sad.
    4. LOL!

  2. 1. That first post should have said "between those pages"

  3. Great article. Awesome superpower use by your wife.

    Can totally empathize with the misery of going to the pool with little kids. In Texas, swimming season is April to September, so I'm way too familiar with that odd combination of vigilant alertness and mind-numbing boredom. Mine are now teens, and I am happy to report that swimming without kids in the pool is freaking fantastic (swam laps alone last night under the Supermoon).


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