Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Cover

Not sure if this counts as a big reveal, since Amazon has had it up for two days now, but I'm excited anyway. We're All Damaged officially has a cover, and here it is, courtesy of designer Joan Wong.

And, speaking of Amazon, the book is available for preorder now in three formats: ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

Stay tuned for information on promotions, appearances, and events as pub day approaches.


  1. Kassie Walsh5/21/2016

    If you ever see or read this, I'll considering this a terrific accomplishment! I just finished your novel, "We're All Damaged Here" And I can say with total honesty it's the best novel,I've read in quite a long while. I truly enjoyed your style, prose, and character development. What's more is your style of writing, it's everything a reader wants from her author. I also pictured the film version in my head. Your protagonist Andy is so likable and I enjoyed his moments of triumph as well as epic failures; because in a selfish way, it allows me, the reader to accept her flaws and horrible momens. Is it insulting to ask an Author about the screen adaptation of his novel? I can absolutely see this as a wonderful film, coming out mid November. That's a good time of year for films like this potential one. You're not competing with the studio blockbuster films or the pithy and overrated collage aged tales where everything always goes wrong starring a fatty and a hottie. I digress... This was an excellent book, I highly recommend it, and I look forward to tapping into your other works.

    1. Kassie Walsh5/21/2016

      P.S. Sean Levy as director.